Crimes in Progress Calls

This interactive workshop is for the experienced 9‐1‐1 Officer who desires to update their basic skills with law enforcement specific training for crimes in progress. During this workshop, the student will actively participate in several pre‐scripted role‐play scenarios including home intrusion, rape and domestic violence. These role play scenarios will be created by the agency's instructor, using actual calls from their database as examples and according to their agency's specific protocols.

Student Performance Objectives

Upon completion of the course, the communications officer should be able to:
  •  Determine the location of the emergency
  •  Determine the most life‐threatening crime in progress
  •  Determine the appropriate response
  •  Ascertain type, and location of any weapons
  •  Update responders
  •  Provide agency‐approved pre‐arrival instructions to caller
  •  Continue to ascertain information from the caller
  •  Continue to update field responders until units arrive on scene
  •  Develop and utilize a crime in progress protocol

Ascertain additional information about the crime scene regarding:
  •  Responding officer safety
  •  Caller and victim safety
  •  Safety of other citizens in the proximity
  •  Personal descriptions
  •  Vehicle descriptions