CTO National Certification

CTO National Certification The CTO National Certification course is a 24-hour course that is for the individual who conducts shift-level agency on-the-job training program for new employees. The CTO candidate should be an experienced and formally trained emergency communications employee, who desires to train others with a structured on-the-job training program.

Course Purpose

The purpose of the course is to teach the CTO candidate how to conduct one-on-one OJT training as required by the agency and according to written performance objectives.

Upon completion of the CTO Certification course the student will be have the following skills:
  •  Execute the agency performance-based on-the-job training program
  •  Implement a standardized training schedule
  •  Follow written performance objectives
  •  Utilize a performance objective rating system
  •  Utilize the various OJT forms and reports
  •  Execute the agency OJT program
  •  Conduct one-on-one OJT training as required
NOTE: The CTO Certification does not qualify the individual to conduct academic classroom training which is reserved for the 9-1-1 Basic Instructor.To qualify as a 9-1-1 Basic Instructor requires the attendance at a 9-1-1 Basic Instructor certification course.