EMD Instructor National Certification Course

The purpose of this course is to provide the EMD Instructor candidate with the knowledge and skills necessary to certify others with a NECI Basic Emergency Medical Dispatching (EMD) curriculum. This course is a must for any PSAP that is about set up a EMD program or is already providing EMD services. Once the Instructor Candidate completes this course they are able to train and certify other students as EMD Dispatchers. The benefit of having your own in house EMD training, beyond the obvious time savings and convenience, is that you can implement an EMD program that meets National EMD Standareds, in a manner in which the training supervisor feels is best for the department, while also having the basic NECI Course Curriculum to use as benchmarks and guidelines.

The EMD Instructor course meets the following NHTSA and ASTM national standards for emergency medical instructors and emergency medical dispatchers .
  •  NHTSA Highway Safety Services Standard 11 (Highway Safety Act of 1967)
  •  ASTM Standards:
  •  1258: EMD Course Content
  •  1552: EMD and EMD
  •  Instructor Criteria
  •  1560: EMD Management and Quality Assurance

  • Student Performance Objectives

    By the end of this course, the instructor candidate will be able to
    •  Understand the principles of adult learning
    •  Demonstrate the ability to make a professional presentation
    •  Demonstrate the ability to make a presentation from a Power Point
    •  Understand and be able to demonstrate classroom management
    •  Understand how to request training materials from NECI
    •  Understand how to certify others as an EMD
    NOTE: This is a train-the-trainer course, not a basic certification course. Instructor candidates should be formerly trained or experienced at the basic level of emergency communications. The course is not to teach the instructor candidate basic call-handling techniques. EMD Instructor candidates will learn methods of instruction rather than learning the basics of emergency medical dispatching (EMD).