EMD Program Implementation

Does your agency provide EMD services. Would you like to standardize your EMD procedures and raise the quality of you EMD execution? Taking this course will be a crucial first step towards creating a fully functional EMD program for which your agency can be proud. Furthermore your agency will have all of the answers regarding EMD policy and procedures, if you are ever in litigation regarding the handling of an EMD call.
  •  This a 3-day interactive workshop, which provides the participant with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop and implement an EMD program that meets the NHTSA EMD Program standards including:
  •  The establishment of EMD programs
  •  Administration of EMD programs
  •  Operation of EMD programs
  •  Selection and training of EMD personnel
  •  Evaluation and Quality Assurance/Improvement
  •  Provide a training mechanism for EMD personnel
  •  Provide direction and assistance in implementing EMD programs

Student Performance Objectives

  •  Upon Completion of this course, the student will be able to:
  •  Establishment an EMD program within their agency
  •  Develop administrative procedures for the agency EMD program
  •  Develop and implement operational procedures for the agency EMD program
  •  Conduct selection and training of agency EMD personnel
  •  Develop a QA program for the evaluation and QA/QI of the agency EMD program
  •  Provide a training mechanism for agency EMD personnel
  •  Designate a medical control for the agency EMD program

NOTE: The NECI EMD Program meets NHTSA EMS Program Standards for 9-1-1 Accreditation