EMD Re-certification

Purpose - The 24-hour EMD Communications Officer National Re-certification Course is for the EMD Communications Officer that has already been certified as an NECI EMD Communications officer within the last 36 Months.

The NECI EMD National Re-Certification Program is based solely on the NHTSA EMD National Standard Curriculum.

National Certification Standards - This program meets the following EMD national certification standards:
  •  NHTSA Standard 11
  •  ASTM 1258 (Standard Practice for EMD)
  •  ASTM 1552 (EMD Selection Criteria)
  •  ASTM 1560 (EMD Program Management)

Completion of the EMD Communications Officer National Re-Certification Course β€œand” completion of any state or agency requirements allows the student to practice emergency medical dispatching using the EMD protocols approved by the agency medical control officer.

Student Performance Objectives - By the end of the course, the EMD Communications Officer candidate will have demonstrated knowledge and proficiency in the following subject to a measurable standard:

The topics covered in the course include:

  •  The Components of an EMD Program
  •  EMD Roles and Responsibilities
  •  Legal and Liability Issues in EMD
  •  Chief Complaint Types
  •  EMD Protocols
  •  Anatomy and Physiology
  •  Quality Assurance
  •  Re-certification
Minimum scores on the final written and practical exercises are required for EMD certification eligibility.

Prerequisites – Completion and certification of the NECI EMD Communications Officer National Re-Certification Course within the last 36 months is required for certification in this course.

Re-certification Requirements – Re-certification as an EMD Communications Officer requires documentary evidence of 24 hours of state-approved continuing education course work every twenty four months and any additional state or agency requirements.