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NECI Instructor courses are provided to PSAPs so that they can have their 9-1-1 Training done in their own facility and according to their own schedule.
NECI Instructor courses are provided to PSAPs so that they can have their 9-1-1 Training done in their own facility and according to their own schedule. One of the biggest challenges that departments face when hiring and training a new employee is finding the training they need, and then having to schedule around the training providers schedule. With the NECI Instructor certification, a PSAP’s instructor can do training at all hours or shifts according to the departments needs. This saves your department time and money. The Instructor Certification courses can be taken in a traditional class environment or through a self paced program.

NECI has many things that differentiate themselves from the other training providers today. First, NECI’s Instructor courses are nationally recognized and have no re-certification requirements by NECI once the instructor is certified in a Instructor training course. Secondly other training providers require your students to come to their training site, NECI doesn’t. NECI believes training is best done in the environment the student will eventually be working in. These two differences alone save your department hundreds of dollars per student over the course of their employment, by not having to re-certify your employees on a annual or semiannual basis. However, if the Department feels like a refresher course is ever needed, any course can be repeated free of charge by a student or instructor.

All NECI Instructor Certification are 3 day courses. The goal of the course is to teach the Instructor Candidate how to teach the NECI Basic Student courses. This means the Instructor will acquire the speaking and presentation skills needed to have a successful training experience. The instructor will know how to lead discussions, role plays and do coaching with students and make them proficient in the skills set required of the student for the specific course. What this means for the PSAP is they will now have an Instructor candidate that will be able to hit the ground running when they return to their PSAP and begin to do training immediately.

NECI offers 4 different Instructor Certifications:

With the exception of the CTO Instructor course the Certifications can be earned simultaneously in one 3 Day Instructor Course setting. This can be attractive because NECI gives a significant discount on the 2nd and 3rd certification earned during a Instructor training course.
9-1-1 Instructor National Certification
EMD Instructor National Certification
Fire Communications Instructor National Certification
CTO Instructor National Certification

The tuition for the Instructor courses certifications are as follows:



1st certification


2nd certification


3rd certification
Earning all 3 certifications during one course results in a total savings of $500