Finally! Flexible 9-1-1 training that fits your Center’s needs.


You need a 9-1-1 training partner who understands the demands of your small to medium sized call center.

Coordinating training for multiple shifts is challenging. And chances are, you don’t have resources to backfill operators who are offsite for training. Wouldn’t it be great if you could certify your own in-house Instructors to train your employees on the best schedule for everyone?

We believe that your 9-1-1 Center should be able to conduct your own training programs according to your schedules and operating procedures.
We believe that self-paced learning is a helpful alternative to the traditional classroom.
We believe that your Center deserves personal, responsive service from your training curriculum partner.
We believe that smaller Centers can have unique needs that require flexibility.
We believe in ongoing improvement - use of new technologies and continual curriculum updates to meet current standards and best practices.
We believe that your NECI Certified Instructors should not be required (by us) to renew their certification.


Our expertise, processes, and technology ensure your 9-1-1 Officers and Instructors are fully equipped to thrive in their roles and serve your community with excellence.


National Emergency Communications was founded in 1987 and has certified tens of thousands of emergency communications officers and instructors across the United States and around the world. Police and Fire and Emergency centers in cities, colleges, military bases, and other government entities use NECI training to certify their own Instructors to train their own students in house.

Nationally Recognized

NECI training meets Industry 9-1-1 standards:

APCO ANSI National Public Safety 9-1-1 Training Standard
NENA 56-004 – TTY/TDD Call Handling Standard
NENA 56-005 – NENA Call Answering Standard
NFPA 1061

Always Current

NECI’s 9-1-1 Ambassadors collaborate, advise, and update our educational materials to ensure our training always reflect the current standards . These ambassadors have decades of experience ranging from 9-1-1 Center Managers, Fire Chiefs, 9-1-1 legal experts, and doctorate-level educational experts.

Cutting Edge

Now your trainees can practice their skills with our AI-powered call simulator. The simulator presents a variety of emergency call scenarios and caller profiles (age, gender, accent, stress level, emotions, etc.) and will converse appropriately with your trainee’s questions and responses. Your communications officers will feel prepared and confident to handle calls more quickly and effectively.

Emergency Call Centers love NECI 9-1-1 training


We have used NECI for our 9-1-1 Training of our instructors and students for over 15 years. Their courses allow us to be flexible and prepared to meet our training needs.


Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office

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Get Your 9-1-1 Team Certified

step 01

Certify an Instructor

Does your Instructor want a self-paced course? Or would he or she prefer a live online or classroom setting? Either way, we've got you covered. Bonus: all Instructor certifications include lesson plans to make it easy for your Instructors to train your team.

step 02

Order Student Materials

Order student manuals online, receive them within days, and design a training schedule that fits your PSAP's needs.

step 03

Train & Certify Dispatchers

Your Instructor can use our lesson plans to easily plan student training - either self-paced or in a structured setting with other students. Your dispatchers receive nationally recognized certification in a way that works with your center's structure and staffing.

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