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Basic 9-1-1 National Certification Courses

The Basic 9-1-1 National Certification Courses certify students in various emergency communications disciplines and prepare them for their daily job duties. The courses can be taken either with a NECI-certified in house instructor in a formal course at your center or in a self-paced course format proctored by a NECI-certified instructor. Students who complete the course and pass the final exam receive a certificate that meets national standards.

Basic 9-1-1 Communications Officer National Certification – Course Materials

This 40-hour course provides employees with the basic knowledge, skills, and experience to understand the functional operation of an emergency communications system, and their role and responsibilities within the emergency communications system.

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Basic Certified Training Officer National Certification – Course Materials

This 24-hour course teaches the CTO candidate how to conduct individual on-the-job training as required by the agency and according to written performance objectives. Course Content The CTO candidate will have demonstrated knowledge and proficiency in the following subjects to a measurable standard: Execute the…

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Basic Fire Communications Officer National Certification – Course Materials

This 40-hour national certification course provides the 9-1-1 Officer with the knowledge and skills to understand the structure and function of the fire service and the role of 9-1-1 during a fire-related call. Course Content The Fire Communications Officer candidate will demonstrate knowledge and proficiency…

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Basic Emergency Medical Dispatch Officer National Certification – Course Materials

The 24-hour EMD Officer National Certification Course is for the 9-1-1 Communications Officer who receives calls and dispatches field responders to medical calls. This course trains and certifies experienced emergency communications personnel with the NHTSA EMD National Standard Curriculum. The primary purpose is to ensure…

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Praise for NECI Basic 9-1-1 Certification Courses


NECI has helped our 9-1-1 Center with special circumstances of training our Officers for 9-1-1 and EMD certification at our US Military Base in Kuwait. They have been a truly flexible and professional training partner of ours since 2017.

Lorena A.

Atlantic LCV KU Emergency ServicesCity Communications

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Get Your 9-1-1 Team Certified

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Certify an Instructor

Does your Instructor want a self-paced course? Or would he or she prefer a live online or classroom setting? Either way, we've got you covered. Bonus: all Instructor certifications include lesson plans to make it easy for your Instructors to train your team.

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Order Student Materials

Order student manuals online, receive them within days, and design a training schedule that fits your PSAP's needs.

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Train & Certify Dispatchers

Your Instructor can use our lesson plans to easily plan student training - either self-paced or in a structured setting with other students. Your dispatchers receive nationally recognized certification in a way that works with your center's structure and staffing.

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