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9-1-1 emergency communications certification training whenever, wherever, and whoever you want.

Certify your 9-1-1 Officers on-site and on your schedule. Online or in person. Self-paced or structured.

Perfect for small and mid-sized call centers.

Emergency call centers are stressful places to work.

The last thing you need is roadblocks with continual training requirements.
Does sending 9-1-1 Communications Officers offsite for training strain your already thin resources?
Is scheduling around a training company's class calendar inconvenient?
Do extra rules and restrictions add complications you just don't need?

there is a better way

We can't make emergency communications less stressful. But we can make emergency communications training less stressful.

Wouldn't it be nice if those ever-present training and certification course needs were easy to manage?

We think so too, so we designed our courses with stretched-too-thin call centers in mind.


Certify your own Instructor in either self-paced or structured classroom training.

Once your Instructor is certified, train your 9-1-1 Officers whenever you like to accommodate shifts and schedules without time limits or attendee restrictions.


Order Instructor and Student training supplies online to begin training when you are ready.

No restrictions on attendees. No Instructor re-certification requirement unless your state requires it.

Bonus! Lesson plans and resources for your Certified Instructors make in-house training a breeze.


Have a question? Need support? Call or email and you'll be in touch directly with our Director for friendly help.


Emergency Communications Certification Courses

Basic National Certification

Basic 9-1-1 Communications Officer
Basic Emergency Medical Dispatch Officer
Basic Fire Communications Officer
Basic Certified Training Officer

Instructor Certification

9-1-1 Communications Instructor
Emergency Medical Dispatch Instructor
Fire Communications Instructor
Certified Training Officer Instructor

Continuing Education

Crimes in Progress
Domestic Violence
Suicide Calls
Bomb Threat
Stress Management in 9-1-1
Liability and Legal Issues in 9-1-1
TDD Calls
EMD Re-Certification
9-1-1 Dispatcher Re-Certification

nationally recognized

9-1-1 certification courses designed to serve small and mid-sized 9-1-1 Centers

We understand that small and medium-sized emergency call centers don't always have the luxury of extra personnel to fill in when someone is out for training. You may have only one Certified Instructor and need to plan Communications Officer training around that Instructor's schedule. Or worse yet you have no Instructors on staff and must constantly send trainees to other sites to be trained.

We've been serving smaller call centers since 1987 and know how to provide the flexibility and support you need.

nationally recognized

NECI has been able to customize their products to fit our agency needs. They seem to really care about what we want in our training and resources.

Mellanie S.

Shenandoah County Emergency Communications


NECI has been a valued 9-1-1 Training provider for our Communications center for over 10 Years.


Haralson County E911 Director

A few of our valued customers

West Caldwell NJ
Monmouth Country
Wilson County TN
Cumberland County
Salem County VoTech
Greater Orlando Aviation
Montclair PD
Northwest Bergen
Oswego County
Shenandoah County
Dumont PD
Roane County TN
Lake Erie International High School

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Get Your 9-1-1 Team Certified

step 01

Certify an Instructor

Does your Instructor want a self-paced course? Or would he or she prefer a live online or classroom setting? Either way, we've got you covered. Bonus: all Instructor certifications include lesson plans to make it easy for your Instructors to train your team.

step 02

Order Student Materials

Order student manuals online, receive them within days, and design a training schedule that fits your PSAP's needs.

step 03

Train & Certify Dispatchers

Your Instructor can use our lesson plans to easily plan student training - either self-paced or in a structured setting with other students. Your dispatchers receive nationally recognized certification in a way that works with your center's structure and staffing.

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