Hazmat Calls CE Course – Student Course

This interactive workshop provides the 9‐1‐1 Officer with the knowledge and skills necessary to properly handle hazardous materials (HAZMAT) incident calls.

This course is taught by your NECI Certified Basic 9-1-1 Instructor(s).

Up to 8 hours of CE credit can be earned by taking this course.


The communications officer should be able to:

  • Understand HAZMAT call classifications and the considerations of each type
  • Understand methods of transportation of HAZMAT materials
  • Understand how to obtain information from marking systems
  • Demonstrate the ability to receive and process an HAZMAT call
  • Be able to develop a HAZMAT call protocol

NOTE: Although not required, it is recommended the instructor coordinate a student visit to the local HAZMAT team station prior to this course to become familiar with the HAZMAT team members and the equipment they use. It is also recommended that the instructor coordinate with a qualified HAZMAT instructor to provide a 2‐4 hour course in the proper use of the Emergency Response Guide prior to this course.


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