Basic Fire Communications Officer National Certification – Course Materials

This 40-hour national certification course provides the 9-1-1 Officer with the knowledge and skills to understand the structure and function of the fire service and the role of 9-1-1 during a fire-related call.

Course Content

The Fire Communications Officer candidate will demonstrate knowledge and proficiency in the following subjects to a measurable standard:

  • Fire Service History
  • Firefighting in Colonial America
  • The Fire Service in America Today
  • Fire Service Organizational Structure
  • Fire Service Personnel
  • Fire Service Training
  • Fire Service Primary Resource
  • Basic Functions of the Fire Service
  • Fire Types and Causes
  • The History of Fire Communications
  • Fire Communications in America
  • Roles and Responsibilities of the FCO
  • Fire Scene Communications

NOTE: The course instructor will prepare for a local onsite visit to a fire station prior to the course. During the visit, the student will have many pieces of apparatus and equipment explained. The visit should be for an 8-hour shift.

Certification Requirements
  • Completion of the 40-hour course. Attendance is mandatory.
  • Minimum scores on the final written and practical exercises are required for Fire Communications Officer certification eligibility.
What Is Included:
  • Course manual for one student
  • Digital certificate upon completion of course requirements

NOTE: This course covers certification for one student. Included with the course is one manual for that student. This manual may not be reused with additional students for additional certifications.

IMPORTANT: This is only the course manual for one student. It does NOT include instruction. The material in the manual must be taught by a NECI9-1-1 certified Instructor.


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