Certified Training Officer Instructor Certification

This course is for the individual who coordinates the agency on-the-job training program.

This course is offered in both live and self-paced formats.


By the end of this course, the instructor candidate will be able to:

  • Develop an agency performance-based on-the-job training program
  • Develop and publish a standardized training schedule
  • Develop written performance objectives
  • Develop a performance objective rating system
  • Develop and publish the various OJT forms and reports
  • Certify experienced agency personnel as a CTO
  • Implement the agency OJT program
  • Coordinate the agency OJT training program
  • Monitor the Agency CTO’s performance to ensure compliance
  • Conduct one-on-one OJT training as required
  • The CTO Instructor candidate should be an experienced and formally trained emergency communications employee who desires to train others with a structured on-the-job training program. The candidate must have completed the NECI 9-1-1 Instructor certification course

Note: The Basic CTO Instructor certification does not qualify the individual to conduct Basic 9-1-1, Basic EMD, or Basic Fire Communications training . Conversely, the certified Basic 9-1-1, Basic EMD, or Basic Fire Communications Instructor is not authorized to conduct the one-on-one OJT training unless certified as a CTO Instructor or Agency CTO.

NOTE: This course covers certification for one instructor. Included with the course is one manual for that instructor. This manual may not be reused with additional instructors for additional certifications.

option one

Self-Paced Course

How the Self-Paced Course Works

  1. We ship you the Instructor Course Manual for the 9-1-1/EMD/Fire Communications Student
    Course(s), the PowerPoint for the student course(s), and an Instructor Techniques manual.
  2. The Instructor student independently studies the Course Manual(s) and Instructor Techniques Manual.
  3. The Instructor student prepares three, 5-10 minute presentations from three separate chapters of their choice from the Instructor Course Manual.
  4. The Instructor student presents all presentations to either their NECI-approved supervisor or directly to a NECI representative through a video call format.

Upon successful completion of all presentations, the student will receive their NECI Instructor Certificate

option two

Live Course (Classroom or Online)

How Live Training Works

All live courses are provided as a series over three days. Students may take one, two, or three courses within the three day series. Please note that attendance at all three days is required for certification, regardless of how many courses a student is taking.

Available Live Course Dates

  • No live CTO courses are currently scheduled

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